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1. Rationale and Historical Background
The Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) and its predecessor institutions — East Pakistan University of Engineering & Technology (EPUET), Ahsanullah Engineering College (AEC), and Ahsanullah School of Engineering (ASE) — have maintained a rich heritage that was rooted in history starting with the establishment of ASE’s predecessor Dhaka Survey School in 1876. These institutions have proudly served the nation by producing graduates equipped with high quality technical education that found recognition in and outside the country. In more recent decades, AEC, EPUET and BUET have been the vanguard of excellence for degree awarding education in engineering, architecture and urban planning. Since the late 1970’s, BUET has been offering post-graduate degrees in most of its technical disciplines. Today, thousands of former graduates, at home and abroad, proudly look back at BUET as their alma mater. In most advanced as well as developing countries, former students of universities have organizations that serve such important functions as providing a forum for them to plan and implement their social activities and supporting their alma mater in various ways. The need for an association of the former students of BUET has been felt by many for a long time but the idea did not practically materialize until this effort, a pioneering endeavor for fulfilling the long-cherished desire in this direction. In August 2003, a group of alumni from the private sector and senior BUET faculty, including the-then Vice Chancellor, established an alumni organization called BUET Alumni Association (BUETAA) at a meeting held at the university’s Council Bhaban. Three years later, the Association was registered as an apolitical, non-profit organization with the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh. Within the first few years of its establishment, BUETAA successfully carried out its programs and activities relevant to alumni interests as well as those of BUET and the nation as a whole, and its membership strength grew steadily. BUET administration cooperated and supported its activities in all possible ways. However, BUETAA’s relationship with BUET remained at an informal level during this period. Another alumni organization called BUET Alumni Federation (BUETAF) that was originally established in 1962 but did not have much visible activities after 1976, was revived in 2011 with the-then Vice-Chancellor as its president. A new constitution of BUETAF was developed that later obtained endorsement from BUET administration as well as its Syndicate. However, the presence of two alumni organizations with similar missions created confusion and disappointment among the alumni and a unified approach regarding alumni matters was considered highly desirable by all concerned. In December 2012, leaders of the BUET Teachers Association (BUETTA) and BUETAA took the initiative to resolve through discussion the issue of the existence of two alumni organizations. After several meetings, the two groups reached a consensus and agreed that (a) the name of BUETAA would be changed to Association of BUET Alumni (ABUETA); (b) some changes in BUETAA’s constitution  would be made for accommodating greater participation of BUET faculty in its Board of Trustees and Executive Committee; (c) the headquarters of ABUETA will be located at BUET campus; and (d) the BUETAF would be closed down. By and large all alumni welcomed these decisions. BUETAA had its Board of Trustees endorse the agreement in a meeting held on 30 December 2012 and organized an Extra-ordinary Annual Meeting on 15 February 2013 in which its members formally approved the agreement. ABUETA formally established its office in the DSW Complex on 12 January 2014. The Vice Chancellor of BUET approved the above-mentioned agreement in a meeting held on 20 January 2013. The desired changes in the constitution however took several rounds of review internally as well as by the office of the Vice Chancellor and the leaders of the BUET Teachers Association. The final version of the constitution was submitted to the Vice Chancellor for approval in November 2015, who placed it to the University Syndicate for formal approval with the name of the organization changed from Association of BUET Alumni to simply BUET Alumni (which is the short name of the association shown in the logo). Conjunctively, the issue of closing down of BUET Alumni Federation (BUETAF) was also placed to the Syndicate. In its meeting held on 28 November 2015, the Syndicate formally approved the constitution of BUET Alumni and gave its decision to close down the BUET Alumni Federation (BUETAF).
2. Name
The name of the organization will be ‘BUET Alumni’.
3. Location of Office
The Secretariat Office of the organization will be located at BUET.
4. Objectives
The objectives of the organization are as follows:
4.1 To develop stronger bond and cohesion among the members and well-wishers of BUET Alumni.
4.2 To enhance and uphold professional competency and integrity of the members.
4.3 To appropriately link, liaise, and complement the activities of the various societies or clubs of BUET graduates that may exist in Bangladesh and in foreign countries with BUET Alumni.
4.4 To provide support to the members and their families as well BUET students/staff members in distress and to organize humanitarian activities in times of national calamities.
4.5 In collaboration and consultation with BUET authority, to carry out the following activities:
4.5.1 Enhance, uphold and promote the image and heritage of BUET as a Center of Excellence in technical and science education and research in Bangladesh and abroad.
4.5.2 Support efforts of BUET and other appropriate organizations for enhancing the quality of education and research and for establishing state-of-the-art educational and research facilities at BUET, including helping students and faculty members to participate in conferences, seminars and competitions.
4.5.3 Raise funds from Members and Patrons of BUET Alumni as well as from  alumni at large, individuals and organizations at home and abroad  for implementing development projects that have been chosen jointly with BUET authority for purposes indicated in (b) above.
4.5.4 Facilitate intellectual exchanges between BUET and advanced universities and institutions in other countries.
4.5.5 Offer career counseling to students, graduates and others associated with BUET.
4.5.6 Organize activities and information campaigns to continually expand its membership base and to collect contributions, donations and grants from Members, Patrons, individuals, companies, firms, semi-government and government organizations, NGOs, autonomous bodies, and societies that are local or foreign based. These contributions will be the primary financial resource required for implementing the various programs and activities of BUET Alumni for achieving its objectives.
4.5.7 Develop and maintain a database of all members, which would include information on areas of their special expertise and interest, and maintaining regular communication with them through mails, publications, and web page that would facilitate their participation in the activities of BUET Alumni.
4.5.8 Arrange social activities such as reunions, picnics, dinners, cultural programs, and exchange visits for greater social cohesion among members.
4.5.9 Conduct conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, and discussion forums on relevant national issues that are of interest to members and others.
4.5.10 Support research works in relevant fields and publication of appropriate books and journalson relevant subjects.
4.5.11 Set guidelines for ethics and disciplines for the members of BUET Alumni.
4.5.12 Liaise with other similar associations, institutes and universities.
5. Liability of Members
The liability of members is limited.
6. Restriction on Distribution of Income
No portion of BUET Alumni’s income, assets or properties shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to the persons who at any time are or were Members or Associate Members of BUET Alumni. Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment, in good faith, of remuneration to any officer or staff or servant of BUET Alumni or other persons in return for any services actually rendered to BUET Alumni.
7. Dissolution
In the event of BUET Alumni being wound up or dissolved, it shall pay up all debts and liabilities. If there remains, after the payment of all its debts and liabilities, any asset or property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of BUET Alumni but shall be given or transferred to either BUET or other association(s) having objectives similar to the objectives of BUET Alumni, to be determined by BUET Alumni Council at or before the time of the dissolution.
8. Amendments
All amendments to the Constitution of BUET Alumni shall be subject to scrutiny and approval by the general members of BUET Alumni through AGM.
1.Scope of activities
 The activities of BUET Alumni shall be governed by and limited to the Objectives as indicated in the Section A above.
2.Governance of BUET Alumni
 2.1The organizational structure of BUET Alumni shall consist of BUET Alumni Council constituted of the members of BUET Alumni at the top.
 2.2The Council shall elect a Board of Trustees which shall have the responsibility of planning and implementing programs and activities of BUET Alumni. The Board shall constitute several task-based committees for executing its programs and activities, and for monitoring progress. The Executive Committee and the Finance Committee are two such committees. The Board may constitute other committees as and when these are perceived to be needed.

The organization of BUET Alumni will therefore have the following hierarchical   set up.

BUET Alumni Council

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Other Committees, which may be formed from time to time by the Board of Trustees.

3.Board of Trustees
 3.1Constitution of the Board: The Board will consist of a maximum of thirty (30) Trustees. Their distribution will be as follows:
  3.1.1Twelve (12) of the Trustees will come from among BUET faculty, the current DSW, President and General Secretary of the BUET Teachers Association (BUETTA) being among them. However, the President and the General Secretary could delegate their duties respectively to the Vice-president and Joint Secretary General of BUETTA if needed. heremaining 9 Trustee positions of BUET will be filled by faculty nominated by the Academic Council.
  3.1.2Twelve (12) Trustees shall be elected exclusively from alumni who are not members of BUET faculty.
  3.1.3Of the remaining 6 (six) Trustee positions, at least 3 (three) will be filled in by nomination to the Board from the major and active alumni groups.  The groups will be chosen, from among many that are in existence, by the Board of Trustees based on available information concerning their programs and activities, a process in which the DSW would play a major role.  Normally, the chief of each chosen organization will be its representative in the Board; if, however, the Chief is unwilling or unsuitable (by being a BUET faculty or by not being a Life Member of BUET Alumni ), he/she will choose a suitable representative for the group. Such nominations may exceed three if the existing Board considers that beneficial for BUET Alumni. Major alumni groups based outside Dhaka and abroad, which are formally affiliated with BUET Alumni as its Chapters, may also be considered for such representations. If the number of nominated Trustees is less than 6 (six), the remaining position(s) shall be filled through election as in Clause 3.1.2 above.
  3.1.4A Trustee position that may become vacant due to resignation, retirement, or death of one who occupied it, it shall be filled through election or nomination, as applicable, at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). For the interim period, the Board can fill in the position with a suitable member of BUET Alumni Council.
 3.2Tenure of Trustees in the Board
  The duration of the tenure of members of the Board of Trustees shall be three (3) years.
  3.2.1Alternation and expansion of the Board

The Board may, subject to approval by BUET Alumni Council through AGM, add a limited number of additional Trustee positions in the Board if the need for such expansion is strongly felt. Representatives of the major chapters/clubs that are based inside and outside the country which have become formally affiliated with BUET Alumni may be considered in filling the new positions.

The Board may decide to reorganize itself, with new positions added or existing positions deleted and/or change of designations, to suit changing circumstances or new demands on the Board, subject to confirmation by the Council through AGM.

  3.2.2Rotation of the members of the Board of Trustees

Starting from the third Annual General Meeting of BUET Alumni, one-third (or the nearest lower number if a fractional number is resulted from the calculation) of the members of the Board of Trustees shall retire from office and they will be replaced by new members. This will apply for both elected and nominated Trustees. Every year, the Trustees to retire shall be those who have been longest in office since their last election/nomination, but for persons who became Trustees on the same day, those to retire shall, unless they otherwise agreed among themselves, be determined by lottery. However, the Board may also find ways to retire those who have made relatively lesser contribution to the activities of BUET Alumni during their tenure.

To ensure injection of new members into the Board, at the end of each 3-year term of the Board, one-third (or the nearest lower number if a fractional number is resulted from the calculation) of the Trustees shall be retired and they can be reelected or re-nominated as Trusteesonly after they have remained out from the Board for the next 3 (three) years.The Trustees to retire shall be those who have been longest in office since their last election or nomination, but for persons who became Trustees on the same day, those to retire shall, unless they otherwise agreed among themselves, be determined by lottery. However, the Board may also find ways to retain those who have made relatively more important contributions to BUET Alumni during their tenure.

4.Election to the Board
 Save the nominated members, all Board of Trustees members shall be elected by the members of BUET Alumni Council from among the eligible candidates seeking election. Any accidental delay in holding the election in due time will require the existing Board members to continue in office provided that such delay shall not exceed 60 (sixty) days from the date of expiry of the term of office of the outgoing Board. In the unusual circumstances in which holding of election within the sixty days is still impossible due to situations beyond its control, the Board  may extend the period by a maximum of 90 days.
  A Member can serve the Board of Trustees for maximum two (2) consecutive terms or six (6) consecutive years. However, a Trustee, who has served the Board for two (2) consecutive terms, can be re-elected after the elapse of three (3) years since completion of the last term as a Trustee.
  Voting will be by way of secret ballots. No member shall be entitled to vote or contest in election unless all his/her dues are paid in full. The up-to-date directory of Life Members shall serve as the Voters’ List.
 4.3Nomination and Candidacy
  The President shall appoint, in consultation with the Board, a 3-member Nominating Committee, which shall include one of the Vice-Presidents as the Chairman, for formalizing nominations for the Trustee positions. The other two (2) members of the Nominating Committee shall be chosen from the Council members.
  4.3.1The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for developing the Nomination Form and to have this approved by the President. Information required to be given in the Form shall include a short resume, address, membership number and signature of the candidate.
  4.3.2At least forty five (45) days prior to the AGM, the President shall make a public announcement of the names of the Nominating Committee, the date, time and place of the AGM and election, and the number of vacant Trustee positions. He/She shall request all Members to send nominations to the Committee using the Nomination Form. The BUET Alumni ‘s web page and other appropriate media shall be used to publicize this matter.
  4.3.3Only Members are eligible to nominate candidates for the Board of Trustees positions.
  4.3.4The Nomination Committee shall screen the nomination papers, It will reject incomplete papers.
  4.3.5Completed nomination papers shall be accepted by the Committee up to thirty (30) days prior to the date of election.
  4.3.6The Nominating Committee shall scrutinize the nomination papers received, prepare a list of the candidates, and inform them of their candidacy not later then twenty (20) days prior to the date of election.
  4.3.7A candidate may withdraw his/her candidacy by a written and signed request to the Committee up to twenty five (25) days prior to the date of the election.
  4.3.8The Committee shall prepare the final list of candidates and their short resume and post them in the web page of BUET Alumni and other appropriate locations at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the election.
 4.4Holding Elections
  4.4.1For holding the election, the President shall appoint an Election Commissioner from among the Council members who is not be a candidate for a Trustees position and inform the Nominating Committee of this appointment at least seven (7) days prior to the election date.
  4.4.2The Election Commissioner shall be responsible to prepare the ballot papers pre-approved by the President, and ballot boxes for use in the election The Secretary General shall see to it that all needed support is provided to the Election Commissioner.
  4.4.3The Board shall be responsible to formulate rules and regulations for voting in absentia by those members who are unable to physically participate in the election. These rules and regulations shall be publicized through the web page and other appropriate means at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of election.
  4.4.4The Election Commissioner shall, in consultation with President, conduct the election following a secret ballot system and shall submit the result of the election to the President during the AGM.
  4.4.5The President shall, in consultation with the Election Commissioner, announce the results of the election as a part of the AGM agenda.
 4.5Election of the Executive Committee Members

The Board shall elect, within fifteen (15) days of the AGM at which has taken place, from among the elected Trustees and from nominees from BUET, the following fifteen (15) Office Bearers who will form the Executive Committee:


Co-coordinator & Treasurer  (DSW, BUET)

Vice President for Liaison and Public Relations  (not a BUET faculty)

Vice President for Programs   (not a BUET faculty)

Vice President for Member Relation  (BUET faculty)

Vice President Research & Development  (BUET faculty)

Secretary General  (not a BUET faculty)

Joint Secretary General  (BUET faculty)

Secretary, Finance  (BUET faculty)

Secretary, Project Management  (not a BUET faculty)

Secretary, Member Services  (not a BUET faculty)

Secretary, Publication & Communication  (not a BUET faculty)

Member  (BUET faculty)

Member  (not a BUET faculty)

Member  (not a BUET faculty)

In addition, the immediate Past President of the Board will be co-opted as an honored Trustee and become the sixteenth member of the EC.

The President and other Trustees shall strive to ensure that the election of the above-indicated positions is held in a fair and friendly environment. They will encourage individuals with best qualification, dedication and interest to serve to be candidates for the positions.

 4.6Settling dispute relating to Elections
  A 3-member Tribunal will be setup by the Board before each Election to settle any dispute that may arise. The decision of the Tribunal shall be final.
5.BUET Alumni Council
 5.1The BUET Alumni Council shall comprise all Life Members and Associate Life Members ofBUET Alumni.
 5.2The Council shall be the ultimate authority for all matters of BUET Alumni.The Council shall be responsible for enacting any appropriate addition, alteration and amendment in the Constitution and By Laws as and when such a change will be deemed necessary by adopting special resolutions.
 5.3The Council shall elect for a term of three (3) years Board of Trustee members from among the Members of the Council.

All graduates and honorary degree holders of BUET and its predecessor institutions (EPUET, AEC and ASE) shall be eligible to be Members of BUET Alumni, subject to their acceptance of the terms and conditions and payment of such fees as may be determined by the Board. Members who have paid the fees shall be called Life Members.

Associate Membership

Subject to payment of such fees and fulfillment of such other conditions as may be prescribed by the Board, Associate Life Members are those who have not received any degree from BUET, EPUET, AEC or ASE, but are current or former faculty members of BUET, EPUET, AEC or ASE. Associate Life Members shall enjoy the same facilities of BUET Alumni as Life Members, except that they (Associate Life Members) shall not be eligible to vote in any election of BUET Alumni.


The Board of Trustees may elect any person, who has contributed highly significant services to BUET Alumni, either by making generous donation(s) of funds or material resource, or by rendering outstanding services to BUET Alumni, a Patron. A Patron may or may not be a Life Member or Associate Life Member of BUET Alumni. A Patron, who is not a Life Member, shall not be eligible for voting in an election.

The Vice Chancellor of BUET will be the Chief Patron of BUET Alumni.

8.BUET Alumni Committees and Members’ Liabilities
 8.1Executive Committee (EC)
  8.1.1The Executive Committee of the Board shall comprise the 16 Trustees, with their specific designations, as indicated in Clause 4.5 above. Six of them are mandated to come from among BUET faculty. Eight are mandated to come from among alumni who are not members of BUET faculty. Two Trustees (President and Immediate Past President) may belong to either group.
  8.1.2The tenure of the Executive Committee members shall be the same as their tenure as Trustees.
  8.1.3The Executive Committee shall be responsible to carry out all activities of BUET Alumni for the Board of Trustees and shall meet at the call of the President.
 8.2Finance Committee (FC)
  8.2.1The Finance Committee (FC) of the Board shall comprise the following Trustees: Coordinator & Treasurer (Chair), Vice President for Program (Vice Chair), Vice President for Member Relation (Member), One EC Member from outside BUET chosen by the Board (Member), and Secretary, Finance (Member Secretary).
  8.2.2The FC shall function as a supportive arm of the Board and shall support and oversee activities of BUET Alumni in the area of financial transactions and accounting, and shall strive to uphold a high standard of corporate accountability.
9.Member’s Responsibilities and Procedure for Dissociation
 9.1A Member or Associate Member is expected to abide by the rules and regulations of BUET Alumni and support its activities aimed at fulfilling its objectives. He/She must not indulge in such actions, directly or indirectly, as may be detrimental to the interest of BUET Alumni. If however any such indulgence is proven against any Member or Associate Member, the Board may decide to cancel his/her membership.
 9.2Members, Associate Members, and Patrons may formally dissociate themselves from BUET Alumni through a letter addressed to the President of BUET Alumni, indicating the reason(s) for their decision. If a dissociated Member or Associate Member wishes to be re-associated with BUET Alumni, he/she shall be required to make a fresh application.
 9.3Members occupying elected positions may resign from their positions for reasons that shall be made known in a letter addressed to the President. The Board shall be responsible for taking a decision on each resignation case.
10.Meeting of the Bodies OF BUET Alumni
 10.1Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  10.1.1BUET Alumni shall hold the first AGM within eighteen (18) months of its incorporation. Thereafter, AGMs shall be held once in every calendar year but not allowing more than fifteen (15) months to elapse between the date of one AGM and that of the next.
  10.1.2Election of the members to the Board of Trustees shall be held at the AGM of BUET Alumni. Members will be notified about the AGM at least thirty (30) days before the date of election.
  10.1.3The President, or on his advice the Secretary General of the Board of Trustees, shall call all meetings of the Council by serving notice at least fourteen (14) days before each AGM.
  10.1.4The President may call Extra-ordinary General Meetings (EGMs) if these are considered needed. Adopting a special resolution in an EGM shall require at least twenty one (21) days’ notice given to the members about the proposed resolution.
  10.1.5The President shall call an EGM if at least one-tenth of the Council members have made a written request explaining the necessity for such a meeting
  10.1.6To constitute quorum in an AGM or EGM, at least one tenth of the total number of members of BUET Alumni or one hundred, whichever is smaller, shall be required to be present, which shall include at least one-third of the Board members.
  10.1.7If quorum is not fulfilled in an AGM or EGM within one hour (1 hr) of the specified time, the AGM or EGM shall be reconvened within 14 days. There shall be no quorum requirement for the reconvened AGM or EGM.
  10.1.8Decisions taken by the Council in a meeting (AGM or EGM) shall require support of simple majority of the members present. In case of a tie in voting, the President shall have the casting vote.
  10.1.9The participants of the AGM shall consider and approve, as they may deem fit, the annual budget of BUET Alumni, the audited yearly financial statements and the annual report placed by the Board for consideration.
11.Board of Trustees
 11.1The Board shall strive to hold at least four (4) meetings each year, with more or less regular intervals.
 11.2Board meetings shall be called by the President, or the Secretary General on his behalf.  Trustees shall be given an advance notice of at least seven (7) days, with a copy of the meeting’s agenda, for regular meetings. The President may call emergency or special meetings on a shorter notice if there is any urgent matter to be addressed.
 11.3The President, or the senior-most Vice-President when the President is absent, shall preside over the meetings. If no Vice-President is present, the senior-most member of the Executive Committee of the Board shall perform that function.
 11.4The Secretary General shall be responsible for organizing the meetings and for preparing, formalizing and maintaining records of the proceedings of the meetings.
 11.5Presence of one-fourth (1/4) of the Trustees shall be required to establish quorum for the Board meetings.
 11.6Decisions taken at Board meetings shall require support of simple majority of the Trustees present in the meeting. In case of tie in voting, the President shall have an additional casting vote.
 11.7Absence of a Trustee at three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board without intimation as such shall be considered a serious lack of interest or ability on his/her part to serve the Board. If this happens the President may, to protect the interest of BUET Alumni and in consultation with the members of the Board, declare the Trustee position vacant. However, absence due to unavoidable reasons such as sickness or long travel, with prior intimation given to the Board, will not be a ground for disqualification. A Trustee position that has been declared vacant by the President may be filled in by a Council member chosen by the Board for the interim period, i.e. until the next election. But the Trustee position so selected shall be considered vacant at the time of the next AGM.
12.Executive Commitee
 12.1The Executive Committee of the Board shall meet at the call of the President at least four (4) times during a year.
 12.2At least seven (7) days’ notice to the members shall be given for holding Executive Committee meetings.
 12.3Presence of one-third (1/3) of the Committee members shall be required to establish quorum for Executive Committee meetings.
 12.4Decisions at Executive Committee meetings shall require support of majority of the members present. In case of tie, the President shall have an additional casting vote.
 12.5The President (in his absence, the senior-most Vice-President) shall preside over Executive Committee meetings.
13.Finance Committee
 13.1This Committee shall strive to meet, at the call of its Chair (Vice-President for Liaison & Public Relations) at least once every quarter or four (4) times each year.
 13.2The President or any other member of the Executive Committee may be invited to attend a meeting of this Committee when such attendance is considered useful.
 13.3At least three (3) Committee members must be present to constitute quorum in Finance Committee meetings.
 13.4Decisions taken at Committee meetings shall require support of majority of the Committee members present. The Chair shall strive to build consensus on important issues addressed by the Committee. In case of tie in voting, the Chair shall have the casting vote.
14.Funds and Fund Management
 14.1Funds of BUET Alumni will accrue mainly from contributions received from Members, Associate Members, and Patrons, and donations from individuals and institutions in Bangladesh and abroad for supporting the activities of BUET Alumni. Some funds may be generated through special events organized for fund raising.
 14.2Funds shall be deposited, as per decision of the Board, at one or more locally functioning commercial bank(s). Some funds can be invested in bank’s high-yielding saving instruments such as term deposits and saving certificates. BUET Alumni shall maintain separate accounts for funds received as contributions from Members, Patrons and donors in foreign countries.
 14.3Funds handled by BUET Alumni shall be properly audited at least once a year by a reputed audit firm engaged by the Board for this purpose. Audit reports shall be placed to BUET Alumni Council at the AGM or any other appropriate forum.
 14.4Funds shall be managed and expenditures shall be authorized following appropriate rules and regulations, including those that have been set forth by the Board for this purpose. The highest possible ethical standard shall be maintained in managing funds at all times.
 14.5As and when considered useful, the Board of Trustees may engage the services of professional consultants to ensure that fund management is done most satisfactorily.
 14.6The Board shall decide the mode of operation of bank accounts of BUET Alumni and designate the signatories for operating them.
15.Duties and Responsibilities of Members, Committees, and Trustees
 15.1BUET Alumni Council
  15.1.1The Members and Associate Members of the Council will be responsible to pay their dues to maintain their membership. They will be expected to participate, to the best of their ability, in AGMs and EGMs, and in other programs and activities of BUET Alumni.