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Common queries about Alumni membership

Life Membership: All graduates and honorary degree holders of BUET or its predecessor institutions shall be eligible for membership of BUET Alumni, subject to their acceptance of its terms and conditions.

Associate Life Membership: It is open to those who have not received any degree from BUET or one of its predecessor institutions but is/was a member of its Faculty or Syndicate, subject to their acceptance of BUET Alumni's terms and conditions.

N.B. BUET Alumni has changed policy and now considers all members as life members.

Stay Connected: Memberships in BUET Alumni provide networking opportunities, as well as opportunities to stay in contact with the university and connect with classmates and friends.

Build a Legacy: Help preserve campus traditions and build a lasting legacy for future Anteaters.
Maintain Degree Integrity: Strengthen the merit of your degree by strengthening the standing of the university and supporting advocacy efforts on behalf of BUET.

Please fill up the membership application form with personal, institution and professional information. Pick your username and password and continue to pay membership fees online using shurjoPay.

After successful payment, BUET Alumni will review your application and it will be approved. Then members will be able to log into the “Member Portal” to use facilities provided there.

N.B. Membership approval may take two to four weeks after membership fee has been received.

If you have skipped payment during the membership application process or missed payment due to any reason, do not worry. Visit the membership enquiry section in our website and follow the instructions and you will be guided to pay fees online via shurjoPay.

Also, you may pay the membership fee via other means and contact BUET Alumni office with the proof of payment and we will update your application with the payment information.
N.B. We highly encourage you to pay online which will help us to process your application faster.

If you have forgotten your username or password then visit the password reset section and follow the instructions there. After you have successfully changed your password, use your email or username to log into the member portal.

Visit the membership enquiry section (under the “Membership” menu) in our website. Provide your email address (with which you have registered with us) and if there is a valid BUET Alumni member found in the system, we will send you an email to confirm it. Click the link provided in the email which will bring you to our website and proceed from there.

If your membership fee is due, then you will be guided to finish up the payment online.

Contact us via email at or call us at +8802-9665650.